I Am Saving More Money This Way

I am not the type of person to just sit around and let someone take advantage of me. If I do, then I am definitely part of the problem, and that is just not going to happen. I feel the same way about companies. I know that their bottom line has to be about the money, but if they don’t add in concern for the customers who give them that money, they can count me out. That is why I started looking at att internet + directv bundle packages a few months back.

I was getting my internet and TV from the local company here, but they kept jacking up the prices, which just is not cool. I understand that they need to retain their customers, but raising prices nearly every year is not the way to go about that. I put up with it for the first year, and I complained the second year. When the third year showed an increase too, that is when I started looking elsewhere. I work hard for my money, and I am not going to let it line someone else’s pockets when I can find a better deal elsewhere.

I already was using AT&T phone services, so I was happy to see that there are bundling options that will help me even though I am an existing customer. That is something else that upset me with my local company. They have some great rates, but they are reserved for newer customers. So I guess that means my loyalty to them means very little, or at least that is the impression that they were sending to me. I simply switched my internet and TV programming to AT&T and Directv, and now the problem is solved. The nice part is that I am saving more than I expected by doing this too!